Don Benito Rugby Club renounces playing the promotion phase to Honor Division B

The Don Benito Rugby Club has resigned from participating in the promotion phase to Division of Honor B, the second category of rugby in Spain, which began in the last week of April. Despite having received the invitation from the Spanish Rugby Federation, the club’s Board of Directors agreed not to accept it for various reasons.

Firstly, they explain in a statement, the promotion phase dispute implied “the need to have facilities that, today, are not available for our club.” However, the only valid option would be the adaptation of the Vicente Sanz Municipal Stadium, “which would mean requesting a series of permits, scheduling of calendars between the football club that enjoys its use and ours, adaptation of facilities and painting of the field ».

On the other hand, they continue, this lack of facilities implied displacement to another town, specifically to Cáceres, “with the logistical and economic expense that this entails.” Finally, the board argues that this promotion phase was not part of the season planning.

Thus, they agreed to focus on the Extremadura Cup and planning for the next season, with the recruitment of players for the lower categories, the formation of a women’s team and the search for new synergies with companies.

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