«It was an illusion to come to this school and to come to Don Benito»

For Sister Adriana Faba Delgado, returning to Extremadura had always been an illusion and she did so in 2009, heading to Don Benito. Born in Mérida, she soon left the region, although she always maintained that Extremaduran bond. Years later, in 2009, she was able to return thanks to the fact that she began her journey as director and owner of the Sacred Heart School in the town of Dombenita, that city that still keeps the memory of Blessed Mother Matilde.

Graduated in Geography and History from the University of Salamanca, Diploma in Teaching from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, where she also completed the Professional Degree in Music specializing in piano at the Superior Conservatory of Music. A training that has always accompanied human and religious values.

–How do you remember your arrival at Don Benito?

–The beginning, as in all things, was quite difficult. Several sisters had left here and three more arrived; Every time you arrive in a new place everything is different and it is starting a new life. I came from Béjar, where I had been six years. Despite this difficulty, I came with great enthusiasm because I arrived at the house where Mother Matilde resides; It seems that we have the treasure here and it is true. It was an illusion to come to this school and to come to Don Benito, which is a city that has fulfilled me a lot and still fulfills me. The people are very good, pleasant, open, close… We have also always had a link with Dombenites society. I remember at the beginning that people were interested in our arrival and they gave us all their support from the beginning. Also with the City Council we have always been there and they have helped us. There has been a very close relationship with the city.

–What is your assessment of these 12 years?

–The balance is very good with respect to the school, but also to the society of Don Benito; I am frankly grateful to the people, I feel very appreciated here. Academically too, generations of very grateful school children have been leaving, always with the imprint of Mother Matilde and with that backpack that I always tell them they carry full of knowledge, but also of good things that they have learned. The school is integrated and open to the society of Don Benito, participating in local associations and activities, giving entry to the school to anyone who wants and desires it. Also during our Cultural Week, where activities, workshops, theaters, commemorations and solemn celebrations of our founder, Blessed Mother Matilde, who began this educational task and which we continue today, take place.

–Is the figure of Mother Matilde known in Don Benito?

–Mother Matilde came at a very important time, of great need in Don Benito and she interacted with everyone openly, as did the sisters who came with her, among them, María Briz, who dedicated herself to caring for the sick suffering from cholera. , an illness from which he died in 1885 and the Mother opened a hospital for the poor in his memory. It is important to highlight the figure of Mother Matilde because I think it is something that Don Benito does not know or does not fully know what we have here, a Saint who has lived here, has walked through its streets, has been close to the town and died here; She is part of this town. Perhaps she is not given all the value that she has of her and that is why we have also worked to disseminate her work, her work and her dedication.

–Did you imagine 12 years ago that you would feel at home in this city?

-Yeah. He had already been in Plasencia at another time, from there he went to Salamanca and Béjar; I already wanted to be in my land. You left when you were little because your parents went to other places, but I always maintained the link with Extremadura, just like my brothers who never miss a year in Mérida for Santa Eulalia.

–Perhaps these last two years have been more complicated with a pandemic that, in addition, you had to experience firsthand.

–They have been some tough years, but we are getting over it. The experience was very bad because it was at a time when nothing was known, even I realized later because I was in a very serious condition. I thank God for having preserved my life and health. My experience was quite negative regarding the illness, but I have to thank the health workers who behaved wonderfully with great service for all of us who were there. Always with that fear they have helped us a lot and I am very grateful to the Don Benito hospital. Almost the entire city remembered me and prayed a lot. Letters and children’s drawings also arrived at the hospital that I still have. What’s more, every time they moved me to another floor or room the first thing I asked was for them to take the drawings. They are memories of that affection, even the García Ara pharmacy sent all patients a bottle of cologne and a letter also full of affection. Regardless of what I have been through, because it has been very hard, everything has been positive and gratifying.

–It is now time to look to the future, also in a school where hundreds of children have grown up.

–It is a very special job, you see how they grow and assimilate our imprint. Our main mission, like everything that is teaching, is to fully educate students, not so much materially, but also spiritually and in values. The satisfaction as a director and teacher is to be reaping the fruits of the work, dedication and love put into the training of our students from tradition and innovation, which is how we intend to educate people open to the society in which they live. In academics, recognition comes to us in the form of brilliant results obtained by our students, 98% end up obtaining the Secondary School degree with excellent results and this good preparation is noticeable when they continue their studies outside of school, as they let us know. directors and teachers of the different centers where they continue their next stage. The children are happy here from the moment they enter until they leave and we are like a family.

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