Le Pen gets the support of the far right to “bring order to France”

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen seeks victory in the 2022 presidential elections to “put France in order.” Le Pen was re-elected yesterday as president of the National Rally (RN) by 98.35% of the votes at a congress of her party held this weekend in Perpignan. “This makes me the presidential candidate of our political family,” Le Pen said.

The far-right leader will leave the party presidency in September to focus on the election campaign. The young far-right Jordan Bardella, 25, was named first vice president of the party and will be the one to take the reins for the duration of the campaign. The congress was held in the midst of an electoral hangover after the poor results in the French regional elections, held on June 20 and 27. National Regrouping, which aspired to preside over several regions, did not win in any of them. Le Pen hoped that a victory in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the only one truly within his reach, would serve as a catapult to reach the Elysee Palace.

Yesterday he made it clear that he will not change the strategy of “dediabolization” of the party’s image and ideology to attract more voters. «We will not turn back. With all the respect we have for our own history, we will not return to the National Front,” said the candidate. The National Front is the name of the party founded by her father, the ultranationalist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. Days before the Perpignan congress, her father criticized her daughter’s strategy. Either the party recovers “its virility” and “returns to fundamentals” or it is in danger of “disappearing,” warned the founder of the National Front, who was excluded from the party in 2015.

His daughter was convinced that a victory for her is possible in 2022. «We are going to look for it. There is no career plan or personal calculation on my part. A desire to serve France better,” Le Pen added. The president of the National Regrouping regretted the strong abstention in the last regional elections (65.31%) and called on the party’s supporters and those French people disenchanted with politics to mobilize and go vote in the 2022 presidential elections.

«The ‘yellow vest’ that abstains only makes one winner: Macron. The retiree who abstains is condemned to nothing changing and to going towards misery. The victim who abstains entrenches the executioner in her impunity,” said Le Pen, who explained that she wants to be “the candidate and then the president of concrete and positive solutions for everyday life.”

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