Pablo Lospitao wins the general and the mountain of the Cantabrian Circuit 2023

Monday, July 10, 2023, 16:03

With a great sporting gesture included, the Dombenite cyclist Pablo Lospitao won the general classification of the Challenge Circuito Cántabro ‘El Camargués’ 2023. An event that ended on July 9 with a 100-kilometer stage in which there was no shortage of rain.

The Electromercantil GR-100 runner was the protagonist of the day’s escape along with Pablo Torres (UC Sanse). Both cyclists, teammates from the Spanish junior team, reached the finish line alone and the Dombeni native did not fight for the stage victory.

«Cycling is a competition, but there are moments like today, where you get 1st overall, but the stage was reserved for the great Pablo Torres; “I am grateful for today’s gesture, which I will never forget.” wrote Lospitao after the victory in this circuit in which he also won the Mountain Prize. In addition, his team was also the best overall.

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