Pedro Porro puts the Extremaduran accent on the Premier League: “It is the dream of any player”

With a broad smile and the feeling of a dream come true, Pedro Porro remembered his native Don Benito in his first statements as a new Tottenham player. “Take back us to Don Benito,” the interviewer asked him in a video broadcast by the London club. “I think it was a slightly difficult life, because it is true that it is a small city, football did not have much visibility and I left home very young, at 15 years old,” the Dombeni footballer recalled about his first adventure in Madrid. in the Rayo Vallecano quarry. “It was a very important stage in my life to take that little leap from a very young age to another city that no longer has anything to do with that small city where I live,” added Porro, who from today is now under the orders of Antonio Conte.

Pedro Porro puts the Extremaduran accent on the Premier League: “It is the dream of any player”

“It’s incredible and being where I am now I also owe everything to that little city,” he concluded about his native Don Benito. Some words that the 23-year-old footballer offered shortly after his signing was announced on Tuesday night. Specifically, according to English media, the arrival of Pedro Porro (Don Benito, 1999) to the ‘Spurs’ on loan from Sporting de Portugal with the obligation to execute the purchase in the month of July. It will be his third adventure in professional football after having gone through La Liga, with Girona and Valladolid, La Liga Portugal with Sporting, and finally the Premier League.

«It is the dream of any player, it is one more step in my career and that is why I am very excited, looking forward to starting and I hope that the dream since I was little, which is to play in the Premier, comes true on Sunday and that it is to win. », he states in reference to the first game this Sunday against the Manchester Citya team that owned the Dombeni native after his departure from Girona, although he did not wear the shirt of Guardiola’s team as he was loaned first to Valladolid and then to Sporting CP.

«The sensations are very good. She wanted to come. For me it is a unique opportunity and I hope everything goes well,” said the player who also said goodbye to Sporting CP with an emotional video in which he remembered his arrival. “I have two torn socks,” he expressed in reference to the memorable first photo of him as a Sporting player wearing torn jeans.

With the Portuguese club he had the opportunity to visit this season what will now be his stadium, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. He did it, he remembers, in a Champions League match: «The atmosphere of the stadium, of the fans, that heat that I felt here when I came in the Champions League; “I was very, very impressed and I hope and wish that we have many victories.”

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The Italian coach Antonio Conte has been one of the main supporters of his signing. The Dombenite now hopes to return that confidence on the pitch. “I think I can give a lot of character to this team, desire and, above all, a lot of attitude,” says Pedro Porro, who admits that he really liked the English club’s project, “let’s hope that everything goes well, which is the fundamental thing, and that we get off to a good start.” This stage is going to be very beautiful.

In the interview, Pedro Porro also remembered his beginnings with the ball, «since I was little I have always been holding on to a ball and my parents knew about that; Even when I left home they already knew it was to pursue my dreams and they supported me from the beginning and I have always been lucky.” Shortly after heading to Madrid, that young man from Dombenita already dreamed of being a footballer: “I started to believe it and today I don’t regret having chosen that option at all.”

Now, at 23 years old, he will wear the number 23 on his Tottenham shirt, a team with which he has committed until 2028.

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