Pedro Sánchez Cidoncha imposes his law in Alcalá la Real

After the dispute this past Saturday of the championships in Road mode, Pedro Sánchez took 6th place in the Master 40 classification when a very large group arrived at the sprint, and Daniel Sánchez achieved a creditable 12th place in 30A (Master 30). All this during the days of the Spanish Championship held in the Jaen town of Alcalá la Real.

On Sunday, the individual time trial test was held, a 9.5 kilometer circuit where the strength of each runner would be demonstrated, which perhaps did not allow the route of the road test to be demonstrated.

Sánchez achieved the absolute best time, a mark of 11:45 riding at 48km/h average speed, which led him to win his sixth consecutive Spanish championship. His brother Daniel, after competing the full course with mechanical problems in the front wheel, achieved a commendable 6th place in the Master 30 category.

«I am very happy with the result, not only winning the category, but getting the absolute best time is something to be more than satisfied with. “Reward for the training of these last few weeks,” declared Pedro Sánchez, from the Tany Nature cycling team, in a test that has had the participation of more than 800 cyclists in the category according to sources from the organization.

Next week some members of the team will travel to Trujillo for the dispute of the ‘XXVII Cycling Climb to the Castle of Trujillo and XX Memorial Luis and David’ as the final touch to this 2023 season.


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