Rain of oppositions this weekend to apply for 27,500 civil servant positions

More than 150,000 candidates appear this weekend for the oppositions to opt for one of the 27,509 places called for different bodies of the General State Administration (AGE) that are distributed throughout almost all of Spain, mostly for administrative positions. . This is the largest public job offer in history, which more than doubles those of previous years, since in this case they correspond to the public job offers of 2020, 2021 and 2022, as reported this Friday by CSIF.

The most representative union in public administrations took the opportunity to denounce the delay that normally occurs in the oppositions, since more than three years can pass from when they are approved by the Council of Ministers until the exams are taken and the candidates are finally incorporated. to their positions, he said in a statement.

Although the number of places that will be examined starting this Saturday is well above those of the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, which included 10,254 places, CSIF stressed the “urgent need” to plan more reinforcements, taking into account taking into account that in the last 13 years more than 54,000 jobs have been lost and that in the next decade 60% of the workforce will retire. In fact, last August alone, more than 11,000 jobs were lost, a quarter of this year’s public offering, mostly in the education sector, according to affiliation data published by the Ministry of Social Security. .

For this reason, CSIF expressed its concern that the formation of a new Government will be delayed and pointed out the “need” to now prepare the 2024 job offer, which is traditionally presented at the end of the year. “This offer should incorporate improvements in the selection processes, in addition to advancing in the professional career and salary equalization with other administrations,” warned the union, which drew attention to the fact that many positions ultimately remain empty because they do not the effort is compensated.

Likewise, he asked to streamline the selection processes, favor the internal promotion system, the professional career and eliminate the criterion of the replacement rate so that templates can be designed appropriate to the real needs of citizens, reinforcing highly stressed areas such as the SEPE. , Social Security, the Tax Agency or Penitentiary Institutions, among others.

Many positions for administrative

In the exams that take place starting this Saturday, the largest offer of places corresponds to the General Administrative Body of AGE (13,157 places) and the General Body of Civil Administration of the State (6,474 places), followed by the General Auxiliary Body of AGE ( 4,086 places), the Corps of Auxiliary Computer Technicians of AGE (2,352) and the Corps of Systems Management and Informatics of the State Administration (1,440). Of the total places, 16,088 correspond to internal promotion, 11,417 to free entry and four to stabilization.

To shorten the travel of opponents, these selective processes will be held in the provinces of La Coruña, Álava, Alicante, Asturias, Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Balearic Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Pontevedra, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Seville, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.

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