Tax inspectors take ‘light’ oppositions to court

The Treasury inspectors remain on a war footing against the Government for the reform of the oppositions that for the first time in history will allow interims to access this body without having to pass the exams or even go through the training courses . Thanks to the internal promotion positions, which make it a “strain” to be able to appoint “officials by hand.”

This is what the Association of State Treasury Inspectors denounces, which announced this Friday that it will take to court the call that was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) to fill 213 positions for the body because it considers that “it violates constitutional principles and “It is one more attempt at colonization by the Administration.”

Of the 213 positions that came out this Friday in a public call, 144 are free access and another 69 are internal promotion, which opens the door for officials who have not passed the test to access level A1 to occupy that position with an interim position. . Furthermore, the rule clarifies that applicants who enter through internal promotion will, in any case, have preference to fill the vacant positions offered.

«The call is a complex regulatory referral that seems to have the desire to hide it, but that allows the appointment of interim civil servants to people who have not passed the opposition nor have they certainly passed the selective course at the Institute of Fiscal Studies that they must take. all those candidates who have passed the opposition phase,” warns the Association. For this reason, it will “immediately” file a contentious-administrative appeal against this call for representing a “breakdown of the constitutional principles of equality, merit and capacity on which the Public Administration is based.”

The inspectors criticize it as being “out of all logic” that “a person, without having passed the selection process, can carry out a function as sensitive” as the one they perform, for which it is necessary to be an “independent and highly prepared official.” .

Touch from Europe

Furthermore, the association highlights that current regulations restrict the exercise of Administration functions that involve the exercise of public powers to career officials, excluding interim officials from them.

To this is added that the Court of Justice of the CJEU, already in March 2020, denounced the abuse of the figure of the interim by the Spanish Administration, which, in its opinion, “makes it more incomprehensible that this practice not only is not reduce, but aims to extend to areas of public service in which it had never been used.

“The possibility opened by this call is judged as a show of political will to colonize the Administration in general, and the tax administration in particular, through the massive incorporation of interim workers,” the group denounced.

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