The EU approves new rules to protect trafficking victims

Victims of traffic accidents will be protected regardless of whether the accident occurs in their country of residence or in another Member State of the Union. The new regulations, approved today by the plenary session with 689 votes in favor, 3 against and 4 abstentions, seek to cover legal gaps and improve the current Directive on motor vehicle insurance.

The Parliament and the Council, which provisionally agreed on such regulations on June 22, ensured that people involved in road accidents receive compensation even in the event of the insurance company going bankrupt. Likewise, the text aims to implement a harmonized claims history in the EU to avoid any discrimination when an insured person moves from one EU country to another. Comparing rates and coverage from different providers will also be easier, thanks to new free, independent comparison tools.

With the aim of guaranteeing the same minimum level of protection for victims, the new regulations harmonize the mandatory minimum amounts of coverage throughout the EU, without prejudice to the higher guarantees that Member States may prescribe:

-Personal damages: 6.45 million euros per accident regardless of the number of injured parties, or 1.3 million per injured party.

-Property damage: 1.3 million euros per accident regardless of the number of injured parties.

The new rule exempts vehicles that travel less than 14km, such as garden tractors and reduced mobility vehicles, and also electric bicycles from insurance obligations to avoid overregulation. Likewise, vehicles intended for motor sports are excluded from this rule.

Dita Charanzová MEP (Czech Republic) said: “Today is a good day for all drivers in Europe and for anyone who is unfortunately involved in an accident. If the insurer goes bankrupt, he will be protected. The common claims history means there will be no excuse to discriminate against good drivers. We have protected the development of electric bikes by confirming that they will not require insurance. And we have ended the uncertainty around motor sports, which will be able to continue competing without that requirement. “They are concrete examples of a Europe that works for citizens.”

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